About Us

We are a fired up, young, with-it, hot, growing, hard-working team devoted to public relations, marketing communications and client service. We influence behavior, shape perception, put new products and companies on the map and keep market leaders there. We focus on distinct markets -- Technology, Health Care, Consumer Technology and Business-to-Business -- and a set of core services. Because of our focus, our energy is well-channeled, our understanding of market issues innate, our relationships with key influencers rock solid.

We started as a small, focused firm. We built our business one client at a time by caring about our clients' business as if it were our own. Today, we represent many clients. And every one of our clients is just as important to us as that very first client back in 1985. We focus on three critical strategies: people, high-value relationships that solve real problems, and marketing-based public relations programs and services.

Public Relations

The intentions are good, but the goal is misguided. Too often businesses find themselves frustrated and rejected by local and regional newspapers, magazines, etc... when they submit press releases on a company sponsored event.

At GlobalHye & Associates, we understand what the press is looking for. But as you know (or will come to find out) getting published is only part of the PR world. Positioning your product or company's service takes planning. A plan that encompasses all facets of communications. From radio broadcast interviews for the masses, to the simple (but effective) company newsletter for your employees and associates, GlobalHye & Associates delivers it all.

By placing GlobalHye & Associates on your company's team, a few things will happen.

Your company will begin to experience:

A planned purpose in communicating to your audience.

  1. Control in all phases of the PR plan.
  2. Deadlines being met.
  3. A sense of accomplishment (Results).

GlobalHye & Associates offers a variety of interdisciplinary services -- from corporate consulting to public relations; public affairs to attitudinal research and advocacy advertising -- to best serve the needs of our clients.

To learn more about each of our integrated services, please click on the area below which interests you.

  • Advocacy Advertising
  • Attitudinal Research
  • Consumer and Business-to-Business Marketing 
  • Corporate and Industry Positioning 
  • Crisis and Change Management 
  • Executive Communications
  • Financial Communications
  • International Affairs 
  • Investor Relations
  • Public Affairs/Issues Management 
  • Media Relations
  • Medical and Health Communications
  • Online/Interactive Communications 
  • Sports Marketing and Public Relations
  • Technology
  • Travel and Lifestyle